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  • What NOT to do when starting a new coin collection.

    There are many ways to get involved with coin collecting. There are almost endless options when starting a coin collection. Coinage dates back over 2,500 years, so the possibilities in...

    Robbie Colborne |

  • What Coins Do We Purchase?

    This article helps to explain what coins we purchase and what coins we don’t purchase and the justification for these decisions. I also hope that it helps collectors make wiser...

    Robbie Colborne |

  • Are my coloured $2 coins worth anything?

    We get many calls a week from people asking if the $2 coloured coins they’ve found in their change or worth money. The answer from us is most often, “no”....

    Robbie Colborne |

  • 2012 Red Poppy Coloured $2 Coin.

    The coin market is fascinating. A coin will be released with a low mintage and a beautiful design but won’t sell out. On the other hand, a mass-produced coin will...

    Robbie Colborne |

  • Fraudulent Rolls!

    It is a well-known fact in coin collecting circles that any roll of coins can be manipulated. There are methods by which someone can replace the coins in a roll...

    Robbie Colborne |

  • 1988 HH $2 and 1989 HH $2

      We often get calls (multiple times a week) asking How much is a 1988 HH $2 coin worth? Or Why is the 1988 $2 coin rare?   The reality...

    Robbie Colborne |

  • Upcoming RAM and Perth Mint Releases. April 2022

    Upcoming Release For April 2022  It feels like the last three months have revolved around speculation concerning the Train Coins/Folders. I have to say that while I’m a big fan...

    Robbie Colborne |