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What Coins Do We Purchase?

Robbie Colborne |

This article helps to explain what coins we purchase and what coins we don’t purchase and the justification for these decisions. I also hope that it helps collectors make wiser decisions about the coins they spend money on so that in the future when the time comes to sell, they will be able to generate interest from coin dealers and coin buyers.




Royal Australian Mint and Perth Mint Issued Coins.


We purchase Royal Australian Mint and Perth Mint-issued coins. These coins are often made of either silver or gold. This gives these coins an initial value due to their precious metal content. Often, these coins have value in their collectability and there is a market for us to sell into. This is also true of base metal items such as uncirculated and proof yearly sets. As an Australian-owned and operated business we also like to support the local mints and we’re always sourcing new and used items.


International Mint issued Coins.


We purchase coins from international mints from collectors all the time. They are often similar in characteristics to our locally made products and we happily purchase them and sell them to our customer base.


Australian Pre-Decimal Currency.



All Australian pre-decimal currency contains a level of silver, except the Penny and Half-Penny. This gives these coins a value in their silver weight. The vast majority of pre-decimal coins we purchase are only worth their silver value. However, some collections include rare rates and varieties that can be valuable in themselves. Additionally, some collectors have curated collections of fine pre-decimal coins, and these can be very valuable. The worst case if you have many three-pence, six-pence, shillings, florins and crowns is that they will only be worth their silver value which can add up quite rapidly!


Gold Sovereigns/Half Sovereigns.


We are always on the lookout for more half and full sovereigns. The sovereign is a lovely coin and was mass-produced in the 19th and 20th centuries. Most coins are worth the gold they contain, but some have numismatic value and can be worth a great deal more.



Key Date Coins and Numismatic Rarities.


We love it when we are able to offer our customers numismatic rarities and key date coins! These are always in demand and make a sound investment for our consumers. We are always happy to buy key date coins and numismatic rarities.




Coins Found in your Change.


We don’t purchase coins found in your change. The rationale for this is that while a 50c coin may have a retail value of $3, it’s not financially viable for us to do all the work required to take it to market and sell it. While there are some valuable decimal coins, the vast majority are not valuable. You are exceedingly unlikely to find a high-value coin in your change.


1988 and 1989 HH Initialled $2 Coins


This is a scam. These coins are not worth more than $2, and for that reason, we do not purchase them.


International Coins from the 20th and 21st centuries.


Much like our exclusion of coins found in your change, the coins you have brought back from your foreign trip are likely to have little value. For that reason, we limit our purchase of foreign coins to coins produced prior to 1900.


I hope this article has been illuminating. Please feel free to contact me if you’re interested in selling your coin collection or have any other questions.


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