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Sell Holey Dollars and Dump

Offer your Holey Dollars and Dumps for sale. Lachlan Macquarie, upon becoming the 5th Governor of the Colony of New South Wales on January 1st, 1810, inherited a significant currency shortage, which he sought to address. By 1812, Spanish dollars were utilized to alleviate this scarcity.

He introduced the 'Holey Dollar,' valued at five shillings, by counter-stamping 'New South Wales' onto the outer portion of these Spanish Dollars. The remaining center piece was utilized to create the 'Dump,' valued at 15 pence.

How to Sell Your Holey Dollar and Dump
Selling rare Holey Dollars and Dumps while maximizing returns can be challenging.

Holey Dollars and Dumps We Acquire
We purchase any variety of Holey Dollar and Dump.

Sell at Auction

One option for selling valuable Holey Dollars and Dumps is through auction. However, auctions entail costs such as insertion fees (typically 10%) and buyer's premiums (often 22%). Consequently, if your prized Holey Dollar sells for $25,000 at auction, you might only receive $20,000. Additionally, the true retail value of these coins could exceed $30,000, considering buyer's premiums.

Auctions also carry the risk of achieving lower-than-expected prices, as auction houses prioritize sales over maximizing returns. Furthermore, starting bids set too high may deter potential buyers, leading to items failing to sell.

Sell to a Coin Dealer

Alternatively, consider selling your Holey Dollar or Dump directly to a reputable coin dealer like us.

We specialize in acquiring numismatic rarities and offer competitive prices without insertion or hammer fees. Recently, we assisted in liquidating remnants of an old Sydney collection after unsatisfactory auction results, resulting in vendors being 20-25% better off selling to us directly.

Moreover, we provide estimates based on previous sales history and offer resources for independent valuation verification as part of the selling process.