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Sell Proclamation Coins

Proclamation coins were minted due to a shortage of coinage in the early colony of New South Wales and the increasing population's need for a structured currency.

Established by Governor Macquarie in the late 1800s, Proclamation Coins hold enduring collectible value and are frequently traded.

How to Sell Your Proclamation Coins

Selling a coin collection for maximum returns can be challenging, especially when dealing with rare pieces like Johannas, Half-Johannas, uncirculated Cartwheel Pennies, or 8 Reales.

Coins We Buy

United Kingdom Coins:

- Farthings
- Half Pennies
- Cartwheel Pennies
- Sixpences
- Spade Guineas

East-India Company Coins:
- Rupee
- Mohur
- Pagoda

Portuguese Coins:
- Johanna
- Half Johanna
- 4 Escudos

Spanish Coins:
- Eight Reales

Netherlands Coins:
- Ducat
- Glider

Sell at Auction

One option is to sell your valuable Proclamation coins at auction, though this comes with fees such as a 10% insertion fee and a buyer's hammer fee, often 22%.

While auctions offer exposure, they may not maximize your returns, as the auction house's priority is sale over price optimization.

Sell to a Coin Dealer

Alternatively, sell directly to a reputable coin dealer. We specialize in buying numismatic rarities, offering competitive prices without auction fees.

We buy entire collections promptly, eliminating the waiting time associated with auctions.

Based on recent transactions, selling directly to us could result in a 20-25% higher return compared to auction outcomes.

We provide transparent estimates based on sales history and offer resources for independent valuation verification.