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Sell 1852 Bullion Act Coins

Sell Your 1852 Adelaide Pounds

Governor Young and Parliament authorized the Bullion Act in 1852, paving the way for the first coins produced in Australia.

Initially, in 1852, Adelaide Assay Office Ingots were introduced. These are now exceedingly rare, with fewer than a handful remaining in public hands. This was followed shortly after by an amendment to the Bullion Act, enabling the production of the first gold coins in Australia, the Adelaide Pound.


How to Sell Your 1852 Bullion Act Coins

Selling a coin collection for maximum return can be challenging.

When selling valuable Adelaide Pounds, it's crucial to choose the right avenue.

1852 Bullion Act Coins We Buy

We specialize in purchasing 1852 Adelaide Assay Office Ingots. While thousands were thought to have been made, only a handful remain in private hands. We are interested in acquiring any genuine Adelaide Assay ingots offered to us.

Sell Your 1852 Adelaide Pound

We are always in the market for type 1 and type 2 Adelaide Pounds.

Sell Your Taylor Pattern Coins

We are continuously seeking to purchase Taylor pattern pennies, sixpences, and shillings.

Sell at Auction

One option for selling valuable and rare Adelaide Pounds is through auction.

Auctions come with costs such as insertion fees, typically 10%, and buyer's hammer fees, often 22%. If your treasured Adelaide Pound sells for $15,000 at auction, you may only receive $13,750. Additionally, the true retail value of those coins would likely exceed $18,000, considering the buyer's premium.

Auctions also carry the risk of low-price realizations. The auction house's priority is to sell the coin to earn a commission, potentially overlooking maximizing its price.

Selling to a Coin Dealer

Another option is to sell your holey dollar or dump directly to a reputable coin dealer.

We specialize in buying numismatic rarities. Selling to us eliminates the need to wait for an auction, and we can offer competitive prices without insertion or hammer fees.

Recently, we assisted in liquidating the remaining elements of an old Sydney collection after poor auction results. We estimated that the vendor would have been 20-25% better off selling to us directly.

We provide estimates based on previous sales history and offer resources for independent valuation verification.