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Upcoming RAM and Perth Mint Releases. April 2022

Robbie Colborne |

Upcoming Release For April 2022

 It feels like the last three months have revolved around speculation concerning the Train Coins/Folders. I have to say that while I’m a big fan of them, it’s great that we can move on to other things! 

 The first interesting aspect of the RAM releases coming in April is the increased number of rolls and ‘c’ mintmark cards. 

 This is an obvious attempt by The Royal Australian Mint to reduce the secondary market. In my view, this release will see the end of the price gouging on the secondary market in the area. 

 Everyone will have a chance to get a roll and ‘c’ mintmark, which is the way it should be. it looks like the mint is making a real effort to get rid of the secondary market and I applaud them for it. 

 I’m happy to sell at RRP if that is the market. However, I can’t justify selling coins to secondary sellers at prices where they make all the profit. The increased mintages ensure that buyers will have increased opportunities to get these items for a fair price, which is really encouraging. 

 In terms of the Perth Mint, we have some serious gold items. We are unlikely to stock anything besides that 1/4 oz gold proof coin, the 1oz silver proof and perhaps the 5oz Australian Kookaburra. This is all going to be based on what allocations we receive. 

 Royal Australian Mint  7 April 08.30 am AEST 

 2022 $2 ‘C’ Mintmark Coloured Carded Uncirculated Coin- Australian Honey Bee- 

Mintage 60,000.

RRP 15.00

 2022 $2 Coloured Circulating Rolled Coin- Australian Honey Bee- 

Mintage 15,000

RRP 99.95

 2022 $1 Coloured Uncirculated Coin- Bicentenary of the Royal Agricultural Society. 

 Mintage 40,000

RRP 15.00

 2022 $5 Silver Proof Coin- Bicentenary of the Royal Agricultural Society. 

 Mintage 2,022

RRP 120.00


Perth Mint 5th April 8.00 am AWST


Platinum Jubilee of Ascension 2022 1/4oz Gold Proof Coin

 Platinum Jubilee of Ascension 2022 2oz Gold Proof Coin

 Platinum Jubilee of Ascension 2022 1oz Silver Proof Coin

 Dragon and Tiger 2022 2 Kilo Silver Antiqued Coin

 Australian Kookaburra 2022 5oz Silver Incused Coin

 Australian Brumby 2022 1oz Gold Proof Coin

Mintages to be updated when confirmed. 


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