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The Limitations of eBay and the Value of Australian Coins and Banknotes

Robbie Colborne |

When assessing the value of Australian coins with numismatic value, eBay is often not a reliable source. This platform, while widely used and accessible, has inherent limitations and issues that can lead to inaccurate valuations of Australian coins and banknotes.

Lack of Seller Expertise

Firstly, eBay listings are often created by sellers with varying degrees of expertise. Many sellers may lack the necessary numismatic knowledge to accurately price coins. This leads to a wide range of prices for similar coins, creating confusion about the actual market value. Unlike established coin dealers and auction houses, eBay does not have stringent standards for listing accuracy or seller expertise.

Price Inconsistencies

Secondly, eBay does not impose any limitations on the prices at which coins or notes can be listed for sale. Consequently, some coins are listed at exorbitant prices. These coins often do not sell and do not accurately reflect the value of a coin. This lack of regulation contributes to an unreliable market environment where prices can be misleading.

Authentication Issues

Additionally, eBay does not provide a rigorous authentication process for coins. As a result, there is a risk of encountering counterfeit or misrepresented coins. Buyers without advanced numismatic knowledge may inadvertently purchase coins that are not as described, further complicating value assessments.

Frequently Asked Questions About Australian Coin Values

Is the $2 1988 HH coin valuable?

No. The 1988 $2 coin is worth just $2! More than 100 million coins have the ‘HH’ on them, and these coins are therefore worth only $2.

Is the $1 1996 Sir Henry Parkes Coin valuable?

Again, the answer is no. These coins are only worth $1 no matter what eBay listings may have you believe!

Are the circulated coins I’ve found in my change valuable?

The answer to this is almost certainly no. Very few circulated coins are valuable. It is extremely unlikely that any coins you find in your change will have significant value. It is scarcity that gives a coin value!

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