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1988 HH $2 and 1989 HH $2

Robbie Colborne |


We often get calls (multiple times a week) asking How much is a 1988 HH $2 coin worth? Or Why is the 1988 $2 coin rare?


The reality is that these coins are worth….$2! 


They have no value over their face value and anyone who tries to sell them to you for more than that is scamming you and should be avoided like the plague. 


These coins are high-mintage items. The HH on them does not make them a rarity and between them, nearly 200 million examples were produced between 1988 and 1989. 


It is amazing that people still think these coins are valuable and this is the result of some articles that have been published that are absolute nonsense. 


If you come across these coins, rest easy in the knowledge that you are better off spending the $2 than sitting around worrying that you might have something of value. You do not. 


Some YouTube yousers and Coin sellers are Only wrongly publish ,their coins are High value higjh value,But, Never Publish Reason of High value.This is another Trick of Increasing the their Vedios viewer’s Counts.Yes, Already I have this Coin. Definitely, I Think Normal Coin and it is Not high valuable Coin.(Australian 1988 HH $2

Senguttuvan ,

How much is this coin worth?

𝖤𝗆𝗂𝗅𝗒 𝖠𝗇𝗇,

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